Mine duplication - why ?

Virtual reality is here making new possibilities for underground and surface mining. Bleeding Bit was formed for the specific purpose of understanding virtual reality (VR) and how it can be used to advantage in underground mining. 

Imagine having full access to your remote mine site in outback Australia / South Africa / Indonesia in VR from your head office in London / Melbourne / Toronto.  This is now possible, and opens up a number of possibilities for use;

  • Testing and assessing new designs either greenfields - from start up, or brownfields - from existing workings

  • Importing the geological model and combining it with existing and designed infrastructure so that your Geologists can walk through it.

  • Testing and assessing new equipment in existing infrastructure.

  • Due diligence, viewing the mine remotely for mergers and acquisition.

  • Regularly recording the mine ground conditions for geotechnical assessment over time and reversing through those time periods to see the changes.

  • Combining live updates from equipment location feeds, for scheduling or monitoring purposes.

  • Taking non mining personnel into the mine and so avoiding risk of personal injury and the requirement for inductions.

Various configurations are available, the simplest being survey data from the mine being imported in to the VR simulator.  Survey data can be in the form of actual pickups, from design files, or both. 

The focus of the simulation is on realism.  Tipping rocks is simulated using a physics engine so that each tipping event is unique.  Sounds are taken from real equipment providing an all in experience.